Kolleru  (The Resting Place)

November 11, 2019 By Soorya

Kolleru (The Resting Place)

Kolleru   (The Resting Place)

  1. Small intro about Kolleru Lake

Kolleru Lake and its vicinity is a place of significant beauty where seasonal migrating birds find home. It’s a sight of beauty to all who go there. The onlooker will get enticed for sure because of the scenic beauty that oozes out through all the birds and course of the lake. According to the records, kolleru is the largest shallow fresh water lake in the whole of Asia.

  1. Prelude – Croatian Love Birds Story

Before moving forward a prelude is needed a small love story from western countries

Among the countless love stories that I have come across in my life, the one that I think is most captivating is the 16 year love affair of Malena and Kleptan. Malena a story, who stays home because of a hurt wing caused due to hunting and eventually list it’s flight capabilities, takes care of more than 60 chicks that she raised along with her lover Kleptan. Every year without fail, Kleptan, another stork, travels more than 8700 miles from South Africa just to meet his lady love and stays with the united family for a very short time. Even when he is late to arrive, Malena keeps her hopes high and stays strong waiting for her partner to join her, evading all the obstacles and dangers that stand as a hindrance. Stephan Vokich an environmentalist and bird lover who shelters Malena and her family, makes sure that the family is well provided by making them enjoy a minimum of 22 pounds of fresh fish every day.

Such sincerity and consistency is so rare these days that, it cannot be found among the modem, advanced, tech dominating electronic human society. This trip acted as a great reminder about the actual love that is inherent in every individual and how recklessly we waste it by investing the same in transient materialistic existences. This Awesome Croatian love story keeps faith in Love. There is still good in this world and true love does exists, Some humans could take a lesson from these birds and the man that cares.

Many flying creature species move with the end goal to survive. Be that as it may, movement is an unsafe adventure and includes an extensive variety of dangers. Just few fowls are really undermined by characteristic occasions. Dismal however evident, human exercises are the major problem for most risks relocating birds are presented to. What’s more, as various as individuals and their propensities in various nations are, so are dangers the different birds confront.

The loss of living spaces because of contamination or misuse caused by deforestation for settlement, agriculture, uncontrolled grazing and so on is the principle risk relocating winged animals confront, as they are subject to finding appropriate breeding and wintering grounds and in addition stopover destinations along their flyways where they can rest and feed. The loss of any of these locales utilized by the winged animals amid their yearly cycle could dramatically affect the birds’ odds of survival. Additionally, high-voltage electrical cables and wind turbines dramatically affect winged animals, which are in threat of being murdered by electric shock. Poaching remains broadly rehearsed in nations where individuals are profoundly subject to biodiversity for their occupations.  So we as the head of the food chain cycle, are responsible to ensure the safety of these birds too.

The science and romance of the migrating birds, that come traveling thousands of kilometers, leaving their loved ones just to find the love of their life. The mere thought of this sincere and honest love will make us forget all the weariness that we might carry with us. These birds and their idea of love make us wonder and do a self-introspection.


  1. My Journey Experiences, Distance, Route, Address,my ideas & expressions on the way I felt

Now come back to Kolleru (remaining story continues)

My journey to kolleru was initiated due to the mental strain that is offered by the busy work schedule and city life. I frankly wanted to feel the love of nature, a touch of care, a feeling of awe for the miraculous wonders of this unique planet. This is how wander lust started to haunt my psyche and I ended up packing my backpack destined to Kolleru.

The lost peace and joy could honestly be found in abundance as the warm blue sky, the peaceful river the absolutely pretty birds and the enticing road leading to my preset target, embraced and welcomed me to it’s mystical charm. One of the very first things that struck me while collecting a background information about Kolleru lake and it’s vicinity was it’s vast population of migrating seasonal birds. I couldn’t believe those words which I had read, until I saw them for real.

As per my plan, I reached Eluru City, which happens to be the District Head Quarters of West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh, of the southern India at around 4am by train. I was well received with a warm smile and a cheerful greeting from my friend Harsha Vardhan who has remained as a faithful friend in times of need.  The who found this wonderful locationAlso a special note of thanks to him for finding the whereabouts of this wonderful paradise on Earth. With the nature’s calming music of the birds in the background, we continued our journey to be catch a glimpse of the area in the golden hours of early morning.

I had to undertake another bike journey for an hour and a half in order to reach my actual destination. Kolleru, which is renowned among the natives as the pelican paradise stands true to its pseudonym. To reach this place, one needs to travel 25 kms from Eluru through Kaikalur to reach Atapaka and from here to the birds’ sanctuary it takes 1.5 kms. While me and my companion was travelling we could spot a lot of fish farms, aqua farms and hatcheries which cater to the needs of the local population.

A person might get very often confused and mistake the road from Eluru to Kolleru  and its vicinity as Kerala because of the landscape dominated by small villages, all surrounded by small ponds, rivers etc. on both the sides of the roads one can find water and small pieces of land in which aqua based cultivation, feeds, accessories, suppliers etc are all common phenomenon.

Yet another noteworthy view point among the many that are on this route is KOLLETE KOTA which is just a mere 17 kms from the birds’ sanctuary with its different angle helps us picturize the area in a different perspective.

  1. Beauty of Lake and info in a poetic way

Take a deep breath.. hhaaa.. view range shallow waters with here and there lotuses

After going and taking your spot saved at a comfortable view point, close your eyes, take a deep breath and then wait to see the wonder that you are about to witness as you slowly open your eyes. The lake taking its shape winding around the land masses which stay afloat here and there with very little vegetation in the form of shrubs and bushes. I wish boating was allowed here, since the water level is too shallow sadly, they can’t be used.  But not to worry there are spots on various parts of this fresh water lake where we are allowed to take a bath or get into the water stream.

Speaking solely from my experience, this water body has not yet been tarnished by pollution in any form and that is the same reason why we find so many fishes and the water giving us a mirror like reflection. Getting wet in this stream is a fun activity that I would highly recommend especially if a family group is visiting this area.

  1. Beauty of Birds – how I felt, chemistry, Locals love on birds, expressions – taken ( record)

The local population seemed to appreciate the arrival of these birds and it felt to me as though the local mass were getting ready and making proper arrangements to facilitate the comfortable stay of the birds. Once the migrating season starts, the only thing that one can see might be flying creatures of varying color and shape.

  1. Species, Names (Birds Names, Countries Names Birds comes from.

Pelicans, cranes, falcons etc. come from various parts of the world to stay here for a brief period time, find their mates and lay eggs at the banks before leaving back to their respective territories. Birds that are very rare come from different continents travelling thousands of miles and when they all finally gather together, it is such a pleasant sight to watch.

  1. Ideal timings to visit there, staying facilities

Anytime is a good time to visit this place but my personal recommendation would be to not undertake a journey to this region during harsh summer season because this entire are tends to get heated up so fast and be unbearable. Anytime between August to February will be perfect to make a visit there.


  1. Narration, soo, birds, lake beauty centric ( perspective ) writing

birds on top of your heads, long grown jammu stalks, fishes beneath the waters, different species of birds etc, words are not just enough to explain the scenic beauty. you all have to personally experience it, as I have done.

It is very common to say that words cannot describe beauty, but about Kolleru I would say that, not even pictures or photographs can do justice to what is actually there. People have dependably been captivated and propelled by the wonder of migration of birds. In old Greece the bird of Athena spoke to the restoration of life. A pigeon, with an olive branch in its beak, came back to Noah’s ark to report the end of the destructive flood. The pigeon has remained an image of peace and expectation. Amid the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt, the falcon had defensive powers and was connected to sovereignty. For the Native Americans birds had diverse implications, however constantly positive and connected to the ideas of solidarity, opportunity, fellowship, safe return, love and festivity of life. In here one can find all of these birds freely treating and mingling with humans s though everyone is just one single-family unit.


  1. Close with conclusion.

Within conclusion I reminds you a poem, which very close to this calm atmosphere ( alone )

This brings me very close to a poem that I read sometime ago, titled, “alone”. The poem talks about the frame work of mother nature which makes every part of the creation inter dependent. Surviving alone in any environment is as good as dead according to the poet.

Water, food or riches, nothing seems to satiate the void that exists within the poet himself. This holds true for the poor and the millionaires alike he says all lives will be swept like the dust on the ground by nature and

“That nobody,

But nobody

Can make it out here alone…”



Thank you for your time

Soorya Prakash



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