Floral Love

May 6, 2020 By Soorya

Floral Love

As I entered that park on Sunday morning. The friend who took me there asked me to listen carefully to the conversation pointing towards a few others like myself.

I started listening to them. One saying to others,

Yesterday I came from the nearest village, from the journey I started to reach my destination, each and everyone who saw me admired to have me. Few of them tried to get me too. But finally along with my mates I've reached a posh blossom, whole seller. He separated us

a few groups, few of our mates went to some bouquets and few went to a rich garland. finally, I reached a basket from which we were moved to another part

of the city. Here a guy picked me up by paying a good amount. I started traveling with him. This guy is around 20 – 25. Driving his bike by carrying me carefully wrapped in a gift wrapper. Feeling a little different, "I'm beautiful I know." Said my confident mind. I've given poses to so many cameras, of course, most of them are mobiles. I never felt different as I am now. Finally, we stopped somewhere, hope we have reached the destination, as he sat on a chair by keeping me on the table, he is watched me adorably, and I am looking at him. He observed me again and again from top to bottom as I did too. Time passed. Suddenly I saw him is blushing when someone entered the hall. He held me and hid me below the table. Yes, it is a female. Both are laughing and talking very gently. After a few minutes, he took me out and showed me to her. She is laughed and controlled her feeling. Her face became reddish. looking pretty. When we are cheerful, people look prettier. I am watching her.. I am watching her… he watched me and her.. I know this is my high time. Time to accomplishing my life's purpose. She is smiling even more. He asked her to be with him forever. Done.. … 1.. 2.. 3… She accepted me. of course him.. What else needed to say, and what else needs to be happy for. I know I have successfully accomplished my task to create a bond between souls. That's my story.
After some time one of my friends took me here. Finally got a chance to share my entire story.

Yes, I'm a flower, a small flower, listening to other flowers.
Next is the turn of another … - ( 2 )
I and few of us went to a hospital to meet a patient. She had met with an accident causing a small injury on the head. She got treated and will be discharged soon. We could notice after seeing her face, She had become pale and discouraged because she has been there in the same room, same bed for the last one month, The person who took us there, wished her to get well soon by handing us over. She smiled a little and spoke a little, and he spent some time saying a few encouraging words heartfelt and left. After some time, she took us in her hands and looked keenly at us. Slowly started coming tears from her eyes, we could see her very close, she observed our colors felt the softness, smelled our fragrance. Her expressions changed from low to high which was evident when the tears were replaced by a small smile. Now she looks a little better. If there is a reason for our lives, it is to fill happiness in people's life.

We as a set offered to God, - ( 3 )
The friends I got from my basket and myself received special care and attention. In each step of our journey after we were separated from the rest of the lot saying "these are for the Gods". I was lucky enough to see, hear, and experience the divine expectation of believers as we are thrown, carried, or even kept on or in front of those mighty holy idols. In the initial sorting itself, the weak and weary were discarded and only the best were chosen to be in the lot. As I get kept in front of an idol though unknown to me, it stays in the atmosphere of prayers that surrounds it as an air of praise, devotion, and hope, I complete my life's purpose with those heard journeys of my friends on marriages, dedications or even sacrifices. What inspired me the most was the fact that there is a lot of hard work put into making sure that I reach my destination by those farm laborers who work on the soil, the florists who keep us fresh and healthy and even those who take us from them to keep us as a part of their life…

We as a garland, as a set of petals, we respect everyone's Last rites, - ( 4 )

Unlike the usual smiles, care, and happiness, what welcomed a quickly tied together bunch of us, were dull colors, long faces, and an air of sadness. It was quite evident from the way we were introduced to each other that this was an unplanned

and unwelcomed event which though was inevitable in some sense of reality. Not all in my bunch was shaken off the dust, washed clean or even tied with due attention, but rather felt as though it was done in a hurry. We were sent as a wreath in

no time to the site where the official cremation was supposed to happen. While watching people being concerned about the departure of one of their own, I couldn't help but wonder how many pools of shed tears should have been created when dear and near ones were taken away from our lives. All I have learned from my life is to be kind, and love each other like oneself so that a world is created where wrong is not repaid with wrong, but rather by the failing loving right.

Now it's my turn, - ( 5 )
a small one. I don't know it's important to share this here or not. But it's my turn to speak, having the least life span. Of course, you all have a very less life span of averaging 3 to 5 days. Mine is 2 to 3 days and a very delicate life with just 3 small petals and a very thin stem. Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. But within that small period of life. I've given hope to human life, by displaying my cute looks, colors, being strong even in hard situations.
A young chap came to an edge of the hill, he came there aggressively, to end his life. He stayed there for a few minutes thinking and crying due to a lack of courage to die. He cried so loud because of his uncontrollable emotions, he was unable to forget his loss. Gradually he was tired of crying as his tears dried up. Slowly he sat near me on the hill, with his depression and tiredness he started thinking. This time he was near me and he watched me. Standing strong alone, as the heavy wind flow. He observed me closely and continued, thinking again. Finally, he plucked me and returned from that place. Asking himself the question ''why should I die? Even that cute living thing lives her life fully even though in the hardships. These days we have all the comforts to live in. Then why should I die? Because no problem or situation is permanent.

We are the guardians of the Tree of Life. We have been given the blessing and honor to protect it and to help others to taste its fruits with love and compassion. We can learn much from the flowers. The fact that in the very small life they have, they make people feel happy, confident, and even love others. Let this be a lesson to all of us that within our own limitations let us spread the goodness of love.

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