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I’m Soorya Prakash, Graphic/ Web Designer, and a Digital Marketer by profession. Offering my service to a few reputed creative agencies and organizations, and after a well-thought realization, I quit my job to serve digitally different organizations across the world. Now I live my life or serve clients from anywhere in Nature; Woodlands, ocean, and mountains.

I can introduce myself as a storyteller, one can also introduce me as a photographer, as a graphic designer, as a web designer, as a digital marketer, or as a social media strategist.

In fact, I am just a purpose-driven storyteller. It can be in writing from, design form, pictorial form, digital form or simply in social form. Anything that can be a feast and wow factor for sure.

After 5 years of traveling – I’ve decided to start a blog to share my experience with the world. My journey from the cubicle to the road and from internal parts of Villages to Metro Cities to remote locations. Through travel and food stories, I would like to take my readers from remote South Indian food to Western Pizzas. I have a lot more experience and reminiscence to share, albeit faced issues in all my journeys. Sharing of such moments would certainly lift you from the present to that moment.  So, let’s begin the journey and experience the wonders. You can experience my own experience which I faced through my journey, of course sometimes you will see my faith too, few ethics, life lessons, values, etc.


My key areas of experience include  Senior-Level Design in Print, Digital, Identity, Branding, Brand Management, Photography, and Photo Post-Production. Digital strategies for SMEs and SMBs.  I have also written a few lines of copy, and that can rebuild any brand.

Yeah, so, I pretty much do everything.  Eat, travel, digital, web, social, and brand building. My creative agencies say about me — a passionate leader with a proven track record for translating complex ideas into SMB, SME’s successful campaigns.  I have built and managed so many brands from the ground up.


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Soorya Prakash

Adman. Creative Designer. Web Designer. Digital & Marketer. Social Media Strategist. Photographer. Traveller. Nature Lover.